Crosslink variables from variable-sets to corresponding variables definitions


Currently, if you browse a project and look at the variables, you get a list of variable sets. You then have to go to the variables independently. Making these links would allow easier navigation, especially for new users who are browsing and experimenting with vespene as a new tool


Thanks for the idea on this...

If I understand correctly, you're saying in addition to the widget that allows you to pick the variable sets, also have some way to hyperlink to the variable set details?

There are variables on the project themselves as JSON, so you should be able to see those right there.

One thing I've thought about doing is make some way for the Forms UI to have a customizable widget below the form for including whatever, such as if you are looking at the Build detail, you should be able to stop the Build without going to the build list.

We could use something like that to implement this for variable sets without having to move away from using Django Forms for the UI (which I DO want to keep - it's infinitely faster than having to do full Angular/React).


LOL! I hadnt even noticed that it was a selector, actually.... I had assumed it to be inheritance -- anything in the selector was automatically included... makes a bit more sense, but still think having a way to view the details without having to jump out to the (for lack of better understanding the terms/scope currently) global variables pages and similar.


Yeah I think the next step is to build that widget.

Just making the start/stop build links inline on those pages is cake, and from there we can see what it might look like to include some other hyperlinks.

Right now the system that renders pages is pretty generic, so when we do this, it should be straightforward to extend.

I'll make a note about this...