Discontinuing Vespene (please read)


Hi folks,

I'm VERY thankful for all of you intersted in this project, unfortunately we're having a horrible time building momentum to keep this going.

As such, it makes sense to focus efforts on just OpsMop, which is becoming more popular than Vespene.

Please read my thoughts here:

As posted in my blog, the code will be updated on github.com/mpdehaan and be available forever, and I hope this can be used as the baseline for a lot of other projects, including as Demos of ways to model RBAC, use django management commands, avoid celery in Django apps, avoid javascript but still have some generic forms, and all kinds of things.


Very sorry to hear this.

I've certainly found the code very readable and, git hassles aside, its been fun to hack on.
I wish I'd had more time to make progress with this. I can still see value in it and it still fits well with where I'd like to get automation at work.

I hope all the work you and other have done comes in handy elsewhere. I'd already had a notion to raid vespene for ideas for a versions/binaries management tool (a sort of non-enterprisey cmdb type thing) so perhaps some of it will live on it that, if I ever get to it.


Yeah hopefully it is useful to some folks starting Django projects, I know there are times when I've started new ones I wanted a good and mostly uncomplicated reference, and this one should be good for that (absent no Django REST framework yet, though that's still straightforward).