It be nice to have a pipeline based on a real project. Initially a possibility would be enhancing the tutorial to using code from your fork; run a few of stages and connect to webhooks.

Moving forward maybe we could have a pipeline for the releases, the status of the PR branches and even some badges on the


As I have no desire to be paged at this point in my career, I am not interested in running a hosted instance of Vespene.

Further it is mostly meaningless until there is a test battery and even then many components would be a challenge to test because they are very dependendent on APIs that lose nearly all meaning once mocked out.

However I agree the tutorial setup is very contrived - having some basic repos for it would make sense even if it were just a seperate stage for build and tests - on a single worker that config is easy but in a multiple worker scenario access to the build artifacts becomes important

And as GE or Boeing or someone once said, we don’t eat our own dogfood - we fly our own airplanes!


I am not interested in running a hosted instance of Vespene.

something for the approved partners then.


I didn't mean it like that.

I mean to say I'm not interested in running one even for Vespene testing :)

My development hours are somewhat random at times, and I don't want to keep a resource going and track AWS outages and stuff like that.

I also don't really think it needs one, to be honest. As tests evolve, I would want them to be easy to run on local instances.

We may see more things like tutorial_setup or something like that.

Webhooks are problematic anyway because each user would have to configure them in github AND set up a relay.