First 30-days Survey Results


Thanks to everyone who took the Vespene 30 days Survey. As promised, here's a quick summary of the results.

First off, a good chunk of people who took the survey haven't installed Vespene yet! This takes less than an hour to install and try it out, and get a feel for it. Please go ahead and install it. (Many of these folks appeared to also only skim the docs very quickly, so I'm going to blame twitter).

About 50% of you dislike Jenkins for many of the same reasons I do, including configuration and maintaince, and plugin hunting. Some of you still like it a lot, and are more looking for an ops specific console, and maybe some of you are fine and don't need anything new. Thankfully Vespene does both of those things.

Having an REST API is important to many of you (it's coming!) but not too many people were really interested in dashboard style live-updating views. Someone did say they wished the build log would live update. This will probably still be explored but emphasizes that the REST API should be added first. This is easy to do, thanks to Django REST Framework and can use the existing RBAC code already implemented in Vespene.

I've had one survey request and one non-survey request for SAML - we already DO have LDAP support through Django, though this isn't quite the same thing, it may be enough to get you started. For those that use SAML SSO services, this would make a GREAT contribution, and I'd be happy to facilitate that. As I do NOT have any SAML infrastructure here, I'm probably not the best one to implement it, but I'm familiar with what SAML additions look like and know that would be a pretty easy Django middleware kind of thing.

In all, there weren't a ton of responses, so I get the feeling that many people don't like answering surveys, but this is definitely super important for making sure we build the right things.

In all, it doesn't really seem like much is missing, which is a good thing, but I always welcome discussion of things to add, pull requests, and everything like that. I suspect as opsmop evolves it may definitely get a reporting panel for config management tooling, especially as Vespene is designed to launch both builds and automation jobs.

Lots of people say they are lurking on the forum and will post later, but we also had some folks say they didn't post because there weren't a lot of posts (headscratch?). So maybe if more people post, this forum will be hoping more and more people will feel like posting. Hint hint :)

Please continue to share thoughts as you try Vespene out and have ideas for it.



Dear Michael,

do not despair over the survey results. I can only speak for myself, but could imagine others might answer (or not) in the same nature.

I love ansible and followed you to here.

I have Jenkins running for years and yes I have not found an alternative that others in my team are willing to use or actually any alternatives worth mentioning.

I did not fill out the survey. I did not reply. I looked at the mail many times. But I have not had a chance to testdrive, read the documentation or anything. I am quite happy that my time management allows for breakfast.

I did not fill out the survey as I did not want to answer "Hey, thanks for all the work I did not even install it yet!".

X-Mas is comming. I will install and testdrive (or try to) before the end of January.

I just changed jobs and here it is again, Jenkins straing at me.

I am just the Ops guy, I have no clue about the test they (thos programmers over there) are writing, but maybe NOW is the time to try to understand and make things better instead of just keeping them alive.

So yes, thank you for making my live easier with ansible and thank you for starting this project. I do imagine this too will make my live easier.


Breakfast is awesome!

Thanks for writing. We are doing a little better over the last few days, at least with twitter responses.

I'm committed to adding XMLRPC in early January (if not earlier) and keeping this around to see if things heat up.

I would encourage all lurkers to sign up for an account, ideas however small make for WAY better software.


As promised I got to spend some time.

I got a couple of these rock64 boards for X-Mas and one of them had to endure the vepspene testing.

Got it installed and running on Debian Stretch.