Getting Started


Thread for questions about checking out opsmop and looking at the code...

OpsMop is pretty easy to get started and run. See the README. You will want python 3 and a virtualenv.

Let me know if you run into trouble!


Hi Michael,
make requirements fails on "Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement mitogen>0.2.3"
this looks a bit strange since 0.2.3 is the latest release on GitHub.
Do we really need > 0.2.3 or is == 0.2.3 also usable?


Hi @ikzelf

So sorry about that. That was a typo. 0.2.3 is fine.

The development involving mitogen started yesterday and is not functional just yet, but will be hopefully very soon. (It is not used by bin/opsmop, and will only be used by bin/opsmop-push).

I've updated the requirements file. Thanks for sharing this!


Following trying-things-out:
bin/opsmop apply ../opsmop-demo/content/ should be:
bin/opsmop --apply ../opsmop-demo/content/

and it needs PYTHONPATH=. to get it working.
Otherwise: "Traceback (most recent call last):
File "bin/opsmop", line 3, in
from opsmop.client.local import LocalCli
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'opsmop'"

now it is working for me.


Yeah there are probably a few places where it says "apply" vs "--apply" or "check" vs "--check" ... I need to do a global search on the docs and demo repo for those. I'll file a ticket so I don't forget... thanks!

Also correct on PYTHONPATH, as that's what I'm also doing internally. I haven't really invested time in just yet, once it is pip installable all the python path stuff will be optional unless you want to run out of checkout.