Host Status Panel for CM tools


As I work on opsmop (documentation will be online tomorrow - see the opsmop subforum for now), one of the things I am going to be building on that config tool are some pull and push related modes that would benefit from a way to display host status.

Vespene seems ideally suited for this. Integration with any config tool would never be required, but we could have a new tab called "Host Status" and how the history of config results for each host and make it easy to review problems reported.

The way this is going to work is Vespene is going to have a generic REST endpoint, and anything that understands that status could write to it (if so configured) to show status. Opsmop can be the first thing that will do this.

This isn't going to come soon - perhaps January - but this should be a really nice way to show what hosts work and which do not. You will of course also be able to use multiple OpsMop plugins at once to send status to other places and not just Vespene.

Vespene probably won't have any OpsMop specific UI at all - triggering jobs is going to be best done by setting up "Launch Questions" in OpsMop and having it call the CLI tools for opsmop-push, or simply having the CI/CD build for a webhook trigger OpsMop push.


Nice. I like the idea of the host status page. I can imagine having a callback plugin in my ansible configuration that writes to this as plays complete.


Yep, that should be possible!