I cannot get a build to work


Great! Glad you have things working!


Hi @jhawkesworth and @jmainguy - I recently removed the sudo password field and shared a sudoers suggestion. If you are currently using sudo w/ password this will break that:


Sometimes I need to read more.

I didn't find this in the docs (well I read and it didn't jump at me).

But yes, this is important as when fiddeling around with the tutorial files this is the first one that hits you.


Can you be more specific?

The sudo's password is no longer present and all the doc references to it are also removed, so I'm not sure what you are suggesting.



Sorry for not being clear.

After installing everything and playing around with the tutorial stuff I was tripping on the "needs sudo password" message.

I did not find that in the documentation, I only found this reference here in that regard.

IMHO would be nice to have that mention in the setup guide for an faster A to B getting things up and running.


Got it - Sudo password has been removed in recent versions (it is no longer configurable in the worker pool tab) so the vespene user needs to be able to sudo to the "build" user (like vespene_build) without a password.

This was removed because there's no real reliable way to hide the sudo password.

I do need to think about reworking the docs on this at some point.