Misc updates!


Hey folks, just wanted to let you know if I'm not doing a lot of updates here you should definitely check out - https://twitter.com/opsmop - for the full stream of conciousness of updates.

In particular, today we have new fact documentation and new fact classes, plus overhauled code for the executor (internals), and files and directories - everything is much cleaner now, and also seemingly much faster!

Look forward to hearing ideas, thoughts and more.

Not long until I'm ready for pull requests - my goal for next week after Thanksgiving is to add providers for yum, apt, and systemd, making this able to deploy quite a few applications out of the box!

From then, it will be pretty clear what plugins should look like, so it will be easy to add features, parameters, new packaging providers, new service providers, new facts and more.

I'll also start looking into implementing PULL mode (and then PUSH) as that gets going.

It's going to be fun! Not long!