not seeing changes in master from a couple merged PR's


I was looking to set up another vespene server on amazon linux 2 for testing and noticed that the PR's at and (for amazon linux 2 and fedora respectively) don't appear to be reflected in the current setup code at (which has its most recent commit nov 21). Not sure if something happened with cleanup or merges in the past couple weeks?



Hi Matt,

There was a force push to resolve a merge conflict (git rebases gone astray are still my kryptonite) that may have resulted in a small handful of commits being overwritten. I don't know when it was, but the conversation was mostly about the setup scripts, so this conversation MAY have just been with you, but I don't remember.

If you want to perhaps resubmit these I think that is probably easiest?


Yep, ok, i've done that for my amazon linux 2 PR at just now (I had the old branch lying around in my fork).


Also added for the missing Fedora support, which wasn't actually my PR so i feel a little weird having the commit with my name on it - I made it a separate PR and tagged @seaburr (the original PR creator) in it in case he'd rather resubmit, as i'm primarily just interested in getting the amazon linux 2 stuff back into master...


all merged back in now, thanks again!


I think I have been bitten by this.
I've been trying to rebase my fork
(git fetch origin; git rebase origin/master) but getting merge conflicts for
M docs/source/setup.rst
M setup/
M setup/
M setup/

my git-fu is weak - anyone know the best way to untangle this? Do I need to cherry pick out the commits I want to pick up?


Recovering from a force push can get weird and conflicty, and I am sorry I inflicted it on you.

You are definitely not alone there.

I would always recommend doing any feature on it's own branch, to make things easier, and then cherry picking is pretty easy.

If you get stuck and just want to make a new checkout, you could use git-format-patch to export your changes, it has been a long while, but should work ok.


(Also fine to just do a new checkout and manually copy changes over)


Thanks. A hard reset of my fork along lines described here seems to have fixed things up