Open for pull requests!


I was going to wait until December 1 as an artificial deadline, but things in the OpsMop language are stable enough that any incoming pull requests won't be hard to rebase.

My goals for December are to help anyone who has any question about writing modules, and to help people get edits into modules or maybe to add a few new cool ones.

During this time, I'm also going to be working on several things, including improving the output of the CLI (so this is probably an area you shouldn't try to work on) because right now it's really verbose. I have a few ideas here, like echos only needing to be one line long, and removing some of the intermediate output lines, improving tracebacks to be shorter when possible, anticipating common errors, and things like that. I'm also going to be adding the start of push and pull modes - pull probably coming first.

Feel free to post questions in the questions forum, or development topics in the development forum (or really, anywhere) ...

I'm pretty excited to be working with many of you and also wanted to say that just because this is open doesn't mean feedback on anything isn't still welcome - everything is still pretty mallable.

Happy to get this started and thanks again for all the interest!