Setup overhaul, app now runs as "vespene" on Linux, OS X homebrew setup, etc


I just pushed a lot of changes to the setup scripts, brought on by a nice pull request to add in support for OS X in the setup scripts (in addition to the development instructions)

OS X really wants stuff run as you, and that required not running the whole script as sudo.

(Previously there was a patch set that also had added Arch Linux)

So, thinking about that, I decided to also make the app run as "vespene" at the same time, with "vespene" owning /etc/vespene and /var/log/vespene files and so on.

As a result, the "setup/" scripts are quite different now, so let me know if you experience any problems.

I am not a bash wizard and I am quite open to improvements, especially where it might hide some errors, noise, or prevent running initdb twice or what have you.


Oh, the setup scripts also don't do a second git clone anymore, they just blow away /opt/vespene and then copy your local checkout (probably in $HOME) into /opt/vespene

So this should make it a lot easier to test in a non-development sort of way, or iterate on the setup scripts themselves - because otherwise they used to be grabbing from the master branch.

The best way of course to develop is to just run "make run" or "make worker" (see Makefile for contents) from a checkout.

Install on Fedora 28
Ability to contanerize the components of Vespene

Also quick update: We have some pull requests in queue adding OpenSuSE and Debian Stable/Unstable. These will probably be merged in a few days.


I had to make CentOS 7 setup use software collections because we needed a newer PostgreSQL

It was... fun

Seems to be ok except maybe for systemd configuration issues with the postgresql service name. Help testing welcome!