Unsure how to use output variables


Hi, I was trying to use the output variables feature and was unsure how to use it.

The documentation says
"In the build output, simply write the following to standard output on a blank line:"
vespene/set variable_name variable_value

However the output section of a build is unwritable to, and if I try writing the suggested on a blank line in the script part the project fails with this message:
0.00m | /tmp/vespene/66/vespene_launch.sh: line 12: vespene/set: No such file or directory



vespene/set isn't a command, but is instead just something you need to output during the build script with an echo.


echo 'vespene/set some_variable "here is what values it gets"'

I really should update the docs to include an 'echo' in there to make it more clear, and rename 'some_value' in the docs to something that makes it clear that's a variable name and not a value.

Also, variable names need to be something that's a valid python identifier so like_this, not something that isn't like 2StartsWithNumber or HasPunctuation!


I added a ticket here so I don't forget to do this:


Cheers, using an echo made it work.


Awesome, I'm not sure that was the best way to implement that feature, but it seemed like the best option. Parsing something like JSON inside of non-JSON output is always kind of weird.