User/Group modules done! Last steps before 12/1...


I just finished up the group module:

As a reminder, pull requests are open and this project begins FOR REAL on December 1st.

The goal of December is to help new contributors, so if you see a module feature (or a new module or provider) you would like to add, now is the time to talk about it!

Before December 1 I'm going to implement a quick language change mentioned here - pending syntax change and work on streamlining the command line output, which is currently pretty longish.

This can always change later.

Over the course of December with everyone's input, we should see the language be completely stable (I think it is close if not already), we'll add a few more key modules, and I'm also going to start work on pull and push modes.

These should be completely usable for at least one transport, and pluggable for both types of transports, by sometime in December also.

If you are interested in what ideas are still coming, check out:

Also, not to be too needy, but I thrive on conversation and energy from folks with ideas, so feel free to post up if you have thoughts, questions, ideas, or even just want to say you like something. Getting to know what people are interested in is important too :)

Anyway, ready to to launch soon and please mark off some time on your calendars to try things out! Modules are very easy to work on and I think you'll like them.