What CI tool do you intend to use?


I'm assuming you'll be looking to use something like travis seeing as this is an OS tool and you get free usage? I was looking through the codebase and figured this would probably be a good start ticket.


I’m writing a CI tool that competes with Travis. We fly our own airplanes here.


What a tool that's separate to Vespene and OpsMop? If so, you're an animal, sounds like my kinda party.


I like parties!

However, Vespene is that build system.

(Curious how that wasn’t obvious already?)


Haha I'm feeling very dense now! I guess I didn't really think of it from the perspective of a CI tool, more like an aggregator of ops tasks, like a scheduler/control panel, like a more general Ansible tower.


All good - I may need to revisit the way I'm talking about it if that wasn't clear, but maybe that was just an assumption based on what I did in the past. No problem!

I kind of built them for both of those use cases at once but was mostly thinking about people who were having rough experiences with Jenkins plugins and configuration, plus trying to answer the question "is there any reason is this has to be 100,000 lines of code?"

A lot of people - and I do mean a LOT - in the early days of ansible (even pre Tower) ran ansible from jenkins and many people still do.

So yeah, I do think that generalized ops tools around those kind of cases - whether that is running a config tool, a cloud configurator, or even a security scan, make a lot of sense.

That's why things like Launch Questions are in there.

The RBAC security thing is of course key to both - and one of the major problems there in CI/CD tools is they can be really hard to secure.

A bit further down the list I want to add features to make it easy to audit the changes of what goes on, who runs what when, and that sort of thing, which is also useful in both cases.

Many of the features like snippets are influenced purely from the build perspective, seeing what it was like watching Jenkins configs slowly deviate when an organization had 150 projects all kind of copy and pasted from other projects, again and again.