yum and apt and systemd support now in


I've pushed some very basic support for apt and yum in the package module and systemd in the service module.

These are fully functional, but may not have all the things you are looking for.

In particular, the apt module uses "apt" and really should be switched to "apt-get" because apt is REALLY noisy!

Probably Wednesday I will add user and group, so when we hit the Dec 1 deadline of "open for contributions" (meaning I have the modules roughly in good shape so I can manage the incoming pull requests) we will be ready to go.

Today I also added some basic OS detection to facts.py - in the event it doesn't match your OS accurately it is easy to add things here. Python has deprecated distribution detection for good reason (because it's really fuzzy) and it's better that we maintain that here than rely on the "distro" library that Python recommends - because that doesn't even do OS X yet. Thankfully, it's not hard either :)

Once again, let me know if there are questions!